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  • Carol N

    Thank you for a job well done at our daughter wedding on June 2, 2022. Everyone love the food. I already have a couple people asking for your information. Thanks again!

  • Dung (Yelp)

    Catered from them for tea ceremony for brother's wedding.  Food was excellent and had so many options to choose from.  Prices were reasonable and customer service was on point.  Will definitely use them again.  
    These were the dishes we enjoyed most: 2 types of egg rolls ( gone within minutes), beef salad, shaken beef, house special fried rice, house special noodles.......so yummy!!!  Thanks Thang for helping us with our ceremony!!!!

  • Gloria T (Yelp)

    I ordered some dishes from them for my husband's birthday and it was SO good. We ordered garlic noodles, chilly crab, lobster and chicken salad. All of them were extremely delicious. Hoang delivered the dishes himself and was so friendly. We will definitely order more again and highly recommend them to everyone.

  • Chloe & Huynh

    Cảm ơn team anh hôm qua đã chu toàn wedding catering nhé
    Moi người thích lắm lắm. Tren Ca Tuyet Voi. Có party la alo a liền 

  • Kristy J N

    Thank you Hoang Gia Catering for hook ups on the delicious food .
    The Lau Thai, Bun Dau Mam Tom, Com Chien Ca Man, Ngheu Xao La Que, Oc Huong & oysters were all very delish. It is more comfortable that we nhau at home with these yummy seafoods

  • Niki L (Yelp)

    This review is for Thang and his truly awesome elitist, catering, michelin-quality foods and services. Such an awesome experience from start to finish! I can honestly say that I have now "gained" a new friendship rather than just a business acquaintance. Where do I begin? Like most
    of us, this whole pandemic year has led myself to "dine" in more often,
    so even though the plethora of choices on food delivering apps such as Door Dash, UberEats are just a few taps away conveniently at my

  • Niki L (Yelp)

    They just don't seem to qualify on many fronts...Some restaurants got the taste pat down, but services are sorely lacking...some manage to pin down awesome services, but consistency and variety are not all quite there....

  • Niki L (Yelp)

    Till this day, as I'm writing
    this, I'm still being "pampered" by the very own Thang himself! To put
    it succinctly. I am very pleased with Thang and his ability to transform
    customer service into an art form! You can clearly recognized that he
    prizes himself on delivering first class customer experience and honesty is THE best policy!

  • Niki L (Yelp)

    Thang's professionalism and his uncanny ability to build immediate rapport with his customers certainly made a lasting impression. Most of us would have to admit that we've had our share of mediocre services from other businesses in the past. However, some organizations are starting to "get it." They realize that in today's competitive marketplace, consumers have a greater number of
    choices than ever. Therefore, it's important to let those with whom you
    do business with know that you notice and appreciate a job well done.

  • Niki L (Yelp)

    As a result, such a commitment to great customer service by Thang should be commended. You
    can be sure that I will continue to refer ANYONE I've come in contact
    with to HOANG GIA for many years to come.

    Providing personalized,
    unique, professional, high-caliber experiences for your customers will
    inspire loyalty, rather than depending on fancy ad campaigns or
    discounted pricing alone.

    Competition is indeed good for the marketplace!

  • Niki L (Yelp)

    P.S. Thank you anh Thang for
    taking great care of my very picky belly and formidable taste buds, you
    are probably among some of the top relationships in my life that I hope
    to God would never end :) please continue to do what you do best so I
    can wake up every day feeling excited about lunches and dinners always hihihihihihihihi

  • Phi

    Em cám ơn anh Thắng. Thức ăn ngon. Gia đình và bạn bè em rất thích ạ

  • Amy

    One of the best coffee I’ve had. The owner is so friendly. This is a
    venue for special events and the venue itself is beautiful. Come for the
    coffee and check out the venue in case you’ll have an event in the
    future 😉

  • Yonnie C. (Yelp)

    We ordered 2 Singapore chili crab from this place via text messaging.
    Delivery at 2:40pm in the afternoon. Reheated crabs in oven for 10
    minutes at 200 degrees. Ate for dinner and it was so good. Loved the
    flavors, reminded me of Singapore!! We would definitely order the crab
    from here again, although it's expensive at $60 per chili crab! Delivery is $5, but free for 1st order.---